quick and dirty web screenshot tool

In a recent test, I had a need to throw a list of websites at a tool to get a screenshot of each site, so I could figure out what they were quickly.

There are several tools out there that can handle this sort of thing, but none of them were “quick and dirty”, which is what I really wanted: I didn’t want to spend a bunch of time configuring things, and I didn’t want to send a ton of command line arguments, I just wanted to dump a text file of URLs (obtained via nmap scanning) and point a script at it and have it go grab a snap of whatever was running at the URL.

Since I couldn’t find something like that, I just wrote my own. It turns out that all it takes is around 50 lines of JavaScript.

If you ever have a similar need, feel free to check out https://github.com/rossja/url2screen and see if it does what you want. It worked perfectly for me =)

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