Update: 2023-03-30: as of today, the freeZion minecraft server is retired. This page will be left up as a memorial to a pretty fun thing that happened once upon a time 🙂

During the Covid-19 isolation lockdown in the US, we decided to go ahead and set up a small minecraft server, as a way to combat boredom and allow us to stay in touch with friends. This page documents the server for people that are interested.

  • Want to check out the world? Head over to the map!
  • If you want to chat with us, join us on Discord. (NOTE: until you have checked in with someone in #general on discord, you will have very limited permissions in the world, and not really be able to do much more than just view the world).
  • Ready to join? Grab your Minecraft client(Java only, sorry Bedrock players) and check out the server info
    • NOTE: When you first join, you will have limited ability to do things until you are added to the users group. Let an admin know you’re here (either in-game or via the Discord chat) and we’ll get you set up)!
    • RecommendedOptifineBSL Shader Pack, and Misa’s Realistic texture pack.


This server is intended to be used by a loose community of friends. It’s currently open to anyone that finds it, but may get locked down if griefers become a problem. With that context, here’s the rules:


  1. Be respectful
  2. Be ethical
  3. Use common sense


  1. Only sell items to shops that you obtained in survival mode
  2. Don’t take items that aren’t yours
    1. Items stored in chests at the large house and barn near the world spawn are free, anyone may take them
    2. Items that are in the idle farms because of your work are yours, take them
  3. Don’t break things that you didn’t build

Server Details

Server Namepurple.mcserver.io
Minecraft Version1.19.3 via Paper-mc (paper-1.19.3-381.jar)
Adminsrossja, Niloiva, M_ae, Umbral_Vestige
Player Slots60
MiscWeb Map (to save on space, we only render a 2000 block radius around the world spawn point, so if you want to see stuff you build on the map, make sure you are within that area)
PvP Mode: enabled
Default Gamemode: Creative
PluginsEssentialsXUltimate EconomyCoinsLuckPermsDiscordSRVVaultMultiverse-CoreMultiverse-PortalsMultiverse-Nether-PortalsMultiverse-Sign-PortalsProtocolLibWorld Edit
Vanilla TweaksDatapacks:

– Armor Statues
– Coordinates HUD
– Cauldron Concrete
– Fast Leaf Decay
– Graves
– Multiplayer Sleep
– Nether Portal Coords
– Real Time Clock
– Track Raw Statistics
– Track Statistics
– Unlock All Recipes

– Armored Elytra
– Player Head Drops
– Redstone Rotation Wrench
– Terracotta Rotation Wrench

– Anti Creeper Grief
– Anti Enderman Grief
– Anti Ghast Grief
– More Mob Heads
– Villager Death Messages

– Item Averages
– Spectator Night Vision

– Elevators
Paper TweaksThe new Redstone and Luck algorithms are enabled. Players keep inventory when they die.
Permissions TweaksAll users can change their own game mode and teleport. Users can also run /warp spawn (or use any of the other pre-defined warp points — the full list is viewable by running /warps
BackupsOccur daily at 1000 UTC (0600 US/Eastern)