one more reason i hate tv

ok, i’m (almost) willing to accept that, since i have an HDTV, and most of the programming on cable is not yet shown in high-def, i have to deal with things like the stupid banners stations put across the bottom of the screen to tell me about some stupid new show coming up next being 1/3 of the entire screen and covering things i actually may want to see (like subtitles in non-english movies for example…)

but there’s a new “feature” of these banner ads being used that is simply not ok. specifically, sound effects.

i’m sorry, but when i am attempting to watch a show, it is simply not acceptable to have a banner pop up in the corner of the screen and start making destructo-electric noises all over the place, making it so that i am unable to hear the dialogue going on.

i’m not sure whom to hate more, the tv executives for giving this interruption the go-ahead, or the advertising flunkies that came up with the idea in the first place.

accordingly, i hate them both.