network upgrade!

I’ve been wanting to upgrade to business class Road Runner for some time, but haven’t had the chance to do so until now. There’s a lot of reasons behind my wanting to do this, some of them are:

    • static IP addresses are only available via Road Runner’s business class offering


    • while download speeds are the same or less than residential, upload speed is significantly higher (on paper)


    • the residential cable modem I have only works at 10M half duplex for the ‘client’ side interface, which means while i run a gig-e or 100M full network in my home, I’m throttled to that at my uplink.

So, I put the call in, got the quote, signed it, and sent it back.
2 days later and I have a shiny new modem. But even better, I have this:

Bandwidth Thoughput from MyHouse to Various Places


rochester, ny (
   down - 7.013 Mbps
   up - 1.415 Mbps

los angeles, california (
   down - 4.505 Mbps
   up - 1.385 Mbps

san francisco, california (
   down - 8.782 Mbps
   up - 1.460 Mbps

dallas, texas (
   down - 4.075 Mbps
   up - 0.854 Mbps