the following may not be true for everyone, but my experience is that it turns out when your wife says:

i would like you to make me a spreadsheet i can use for $foo

she does not instead mean:

i would like you to build me a coldfusion based web
application that connects to a sql server back end database

she really does just want a spreadsheet.
no matter how much more efficient having a database driven web app may be in the long run.

firefox tips part I

today’s wisdom nugget:

  • in mozilla, go to “about:config”
  • there’s an entry called “browser.blink _allowed”, double click it to set it to ‘false’
  • bask in the joy of a not-quite-as-annoying web browsing experience

word to the wise

when you find yourself sitting in your cube with a bagel and cream cheese, and no knife … do *not* take the pair of rusty scissors, dump purell hand sanitizer on them, wipe them off with a napkin, and use the blade to spread the cream cheese on your bagel.

it’s just not very tasty.

it turns out that, if you look inside the bag with your bagel, there’s a knife.

you just won’t find that out until you crumple the bag up to throw it away after finishing and stab yourself.